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jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

:) Nothing...

And I swear that I can't more! ... Uff ... all I find strange, not like before, everything looked great ... it's like when things go well, but not like you the expected, as ifmissing something, that spark that makes us all so special, it's like would have lost ...uff ... -. - ... But when I needed you most, the more I wanted to see, the more I wantedyou near me, tell me happens ... You aren't ... It is as if the weight of the earth fall onme ... waiting and waiting and you do not show ... I know, it's all up to me ... I just wantsome quiet, unhurried, to think and come to a conclusion, because in reality my life is not bad ... I have some great friends, friends are a little strange but the best! and a brother who hardly see, but when I see it ... without comment, and a mother ... of whichI can not complain because they care a lot for me, ... Among all make me feel very loved ... and no I would do without them ... Honestly, for them regain that spark that makes me so special ... and smile every day that goes with them ...! :) They are myfuture ... and never gave up to them! :)

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  1. Hi Athena, an entry something "rare" as my English translation is the basic, ha, ha, but I can decirete I like so much your input and your family is very inportante in life because you are special to all your friends, including me.

    And for lack of "spark of happiness" do not worry that among all the pobremos fix, so again shines as a beautiful star, it kisses your friend Lm.

    Pd: I can suggest you to please put in your blog a translator idimomas (It's free, I have it in my blog)
    ·············Tradución en castellano·········
    Hola Atenea , una entrada algo "Rara" ya que mi traducción de Ingles es el basico , ja,ja, pero puedo decirete que me a gustado mucho tu entrada y tu familia es muy inportante en la vida , ya que tu eres especial para todos tus amigos , incluida yo .

    Y por falta de "chispa de alegria" no te preocupes que entre todos lo pobremos arreglar , para que vuelvas a brilla como una bonita estrella , vale Besos de tu amiga Lm.

    Pd: Te puedo sugerir que por favor pongas en tu blog un traductor de idimomas (Es gratuito , yo lo tengo en mi blog )