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martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Let's play to life!

Yes, I don't write stories, adventures, just my thoughts than a few...
I may have changed, I'm not going to say no, it's just that life is not as easy as it looks, from tiny we aretelling all you have to do, but nobody tells us what it costs ...
Times change and I also, I'm getting older and increasingly unbearable .. -. -. more and more studying, learning more things, more obligations, because not everything is a holiday, you feel that everything that happens, it's like, you want me to swallow the earth ... And more and more and more every time you can least ... And the only thing that consoles me is that within a few years, be able to live my life, far from here ... But meanwhile, with his head held high, and if something hurts you, grit your teeth and SMILE :)

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